I was commissioned to make a new work from my Template series. The client saw my paintings on display at an art fair in Singapore in November 2013 and enquired about the possibility of creating a new piece. They are a corporate client and commissioned the painting for their head office in Singapore to be displayed in their chairman’s board room. The brief was to create a new work in a specific colour, a mix of cadmium and naples yellow. I had to match a sample colour which was not available in the paints I usually use. I therefore had to undertake mixing a variety of shades to meet their specification. I chose a mix of cadmium and naples yellow in various ratios and sent them swatches on canvas as I would paint normally. They selected one of the options and instructed me to proceed. The work was shipped and crated from my Barcelona studio to Singapore in time for their deadline, they wanted to hang the painting for Chinese New Year. They were very happy with the final work and contacted me to thank me for fulfilling their brief.

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